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For an NEC representative who will speak out on your behalf

I am standing for one of the NEC Local Government Seats because I want to see UNISON fight harder for the biggest group of our members-in councils,local authority schools and outsourced local authority services. We need to big up our fight against the massive cuts we have faced and speak out louder for our members, whose pay and conditions have been massacred!
Local Government has faced the worst cuts of any part of the public sector. The Coalition has so-called 'protec...ted' the NHS and schools by hitting local services. On average council budgets will be cut by 40% by the end of this parliament. In some labour councils especially in the north it is even higher.

 Privatisation aka CCT hit local Government under Thatcher and has spread across Local Government like a nasty rash. Councils now spend £45 billion each year on goods and services in the private and voluntary sectors.
We all know what that means- no Two-Tier code protection, cuts to pay and conditions, poorer quality services and less local accountability. Oh and large profits for multinationals with no links to our communities!

 UNISON has got to wage a stronger fight against this waste of public money and the continued attacks our members face. If UNISON members elect me, I will make sure that happens.
In Islington where I am the branch Secretary, we have done just that. After a big UNISON campaign, Islington has become a Living Wage council, has agreed a positive employment charter with UNISON and adopted our unions Ethical Care Charter. The council is looking at all outsourced contracts before they are renewed to see if it can get better value for money and indeed a number of large contracts have been brought back in house. I would bring that experience to the NEC.
I have 16 years experience as a branch secretary and 35 years as an activist and steward in local government.

You have 7 days left to vote.

Make sure you vote for me in the NEC elections for a rep who will speak out on your behalf

Why Women Matter in UNISON

Why Women Matter in UNISON

I am standing in the NEC elections for one of the Women's Local Government seats because women matter in Local Government and in UNISON.I want to put women at the heart of our unions fight for a better deal for local government workers-whether directly employed by councils or contracted out and paid through council budgets. 78% of all local government workers are women. In some occupations-cleaners ,home care workers ,teaching assistants, school and admin workers-the proportion is even higher. In some of those jobs women make up 90% of the workforce. UNISON's bargaining and campaigning agenda should put these issues that matter to women up front and central. At the moment that doesn't happen and I want to change that.

Part time workers make up the majority in local government-over 60% and over 90% of those are women. Most people don't realise this, yet they are the worst treated and most marginal of all council workers. They are most likely to have their hours and unsocial hours payments cut, most likely to be on low pay ,regularly called upon to fill in the gaps left by redundancies with little or no thanks just an expectation they will do it.

School workers have nearly all been put on term time only contracts. I want our union UNISON to 'big up' its campaigns for justice for part time workers.
Equal pay, carers leave decent and affordable childcare all matter to our women members in part time or full time jobs. That is why in my role as branch secretary in Islington I have over the years fought for better pay and conditions for our members. If elected ,I will make sure that those issues are high on our unions agenda..

Most councillors, ,senior managers and chief executives are men who don't recognise the importance of women to the vital work that councils do-whether in back office jobs or in our communities. And they certainly don't recognise the daily struggles that many of our members have to combine paid work with caring for their children, older relatives and families. That is true in some parts of our union too. I want that to change.

Whether it's organising and recruiting, fighting for decent pay and conditions, having a real say in UNISON's democratic lay structures or being 'seen' in all parts of our union. women matter.
I will make sure that UNISON gives our women members in local government a voice. I will speak up for them and make sure they have the power they deserve in UNISON.

 Vote for me for one of the Women's Local Government NEC seats

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Highly regarded by the membership!

I have worked in Islington for many years and have known Jane for a long time. I have seen her progress from a shop steward in the Libraries Department to the Islington Branch Secretary. The length of time she has been branch secretary-over sixteen years-is testament to how highly she is regarded by the Branch membership.
During all the time she has worked for Islington Council she has been a strong and committed trade unionist-qualities which she has brought to her role as shop steward and then branch secretary. She has given her all on behalf of the membership both in relation to individual member’s issues and also in Departmental and Borough wide disputes. To all of these she has brought a vast amount of knowledgeand experience as well as the ability to get to the heart of the matter-always to the benefit of the member or members.
Jane has always been prepared when necessary to stand up to Management and the Council and is never thrown by the unexpected. This has resulted in a lot of victories for the membership-both individually and at Departmental and Branch level.
When I retired over three years ago I became a volunteer in the Branch office and then the secretary to the Islington Retired Members’ Group. This has enabled me to witness at first hand and on a daily basis the amount of time, effort and dedication that she brings to her work on behalf of all the membership including the retired members.
We are currently in the middle of a General Election campaign and regardless of which Government comes into power there will be cuts in Public Services. UNISON is urging people to vote Labour which indeed we must do-but without illusions. In my view the Trade Union movement and in particular UNISON will need to lead the fight against forthcoming cuts as I said regardless of which government comes to power. This is why we need people like Jane on the NEC. She will bring all the qualities and fighting spirit she has shown in her leadership of the Islington branch to the NEC. This is why I urge you all to vote for Jane in the NEC elections. 


Eric Hill
Retired Members Secretary
Jane, Conor, Danny and Eric

Friday, 24 April 2015

Empathy for the members

Rosemary Plummer, Schools Convenor says:

I have worked along side Jane Doolan for many years, Jane has such empathy for people and is never judgemental of anyone. Jane will always go that extra mile when supporting members. I think these are some of the reasons Jane has held being Branch Secretary of Islington Unison for many years.

My admiration for Jane comes from the fact that Jane not only has two close members of her family with disabilities yet manages to work full time.
Jane has first hand experience dealing with issues that arise for people with disabilities also the struggles they have on a daily basis.

I have also witnessed Jane being involved in a few disputes over the years. Jane will not give in until she gets what she wants. Jane will not bow down to management. VOTE JANE DOOLAN FOR THE NEC. 

Committed Trade Unionist

Diana James- Assistant Branch Secretary says:
Dean Ryan and Diana James 

Having worked with Jane closely for a number of years I can say that she has 'committed trade unionist' running through her core. about Jane is always informed in her approach to issues whether it is on support of an individual member or on a local, national or global campaign. Her approach is forensic, reflective, focused. She is collaborative and democratic and totally committed to defending Public Services. Her wealth of experience and political insight ensures that she maintains her fearless approach to difficult and complex challenges no matter where they come from. As can be seen from her nomination testimonial she is a fighter on behalf of the membership and the disenfranchised . Her leadership is inclusive . Her people skills are excellent. She does not get 'phased' and always has the ability to think'outside the box'. As Islington UNISON's Branch Secretary Jane demonstrates a proven track record of success. and continues to achieve successive wins for the branch.

Clarity of purpose

Mike Calvert writes:

" I  have worked closely with Jane for many years. She is the finest trade union representative I know.

One of her greatest strengths is when she is faced with a problem she has clarity of mind and has a forensic approach to solving problems. This is one of the qualities which makes her such a fine trade union representative.

Jane is probably the strongest person I know. Nothing shocks or puts her off course.
Jane is the only woman Branch Secretary in Islington. Although we have progressive policies in islington she has had to get involved in some pretty earthy and gritty negotiations when the waste contract was insourced and she didn't bat an eyelid.

Jane can hold her own!

These are just some of the reasons members should elect her to the NEC in 2015."

Mike in Ashton with Alex Shaw 

It's not unusual!

Jenny Densham, Lifelong Learning Officer writes:

"I have been a member of the branch for many years and a steward and branch officer.
I have recently had a complete career change and Jane was so supportive and gave me sound advice.

But this is not unusual!

Over the years she has guided me as a steward and given me the confidence to challenge management and do the best for our members.

I will be voting for Jane and hope all UNISON members do the same.

She would be a huge asset to our national leadership."
Jenny with Diana James on rainy picket 

Vote of Confidence

Andy Griffin, market inspector writes:

"I will be voting for Jane Doolan for the NEC.

She is one of the most knowledgeable people I know.

I needed support and it was given selflessly and her guidance and advice was invaluable.

You only have to read what Jeremy Corbyn MP has written to see Jane is one of the finest trade union reps there is and the high esteem she is held in.

If she is NOT elected to the UNISON NEC it will be a great shame and a waste of talent."

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Why Jeremy Corbyn MP supports Jane: "Jane will be an excellent representative of our members at national level."

Jeremy says: 

Jeremy speaking at  the Union Chapel at our AGM
"I have known Jane Doolan for many years as a both an active local Union member and Branch Secretary of Islington UNISON.

She's a woman of empathy, tenacity and courage in standing up for all her members and making sure the Branch works well, efficiently and democratically.

She also brings to UNISON a common sense and practical vision of the need for our union to be inclusive of all members, radical and aspirational and prepared to fight the political fight for wages and conditions.

Jane will be an excellent representative of our members at national level."

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The issue of Equality

As an activist of 35 years and an experienced campaigner I have always ensured that Equalities formed part of the agenda.

As Margaret Hodge said at the LGBT event organised by UNISON at Portcullis House in January, "Islington has played an enormous part in campaigning around equality and the Equalities Act is a direct result of the battle unions and the Labour movement have fought."

I am pleased to say I was part of that fight. I still involve myself in my role as Branch Secretary in all the Self Organised Groups.
When members in the Registrars department were vilified for raising concerns that a colleague refused to perform civil partnership ceremonies.

I immediately reactivated the LGBT (which had stopped functioNing for a few years) as it was felt there were no issues for the group.
Margaret Hodge MP, Stephen Twigg MP, Kevin Perkins and Jane Doolan

Islington was one of the first boroughs to have a negotiated HIV policy.

As a woman and carer for a disabled husband and daughter, I cannot stress enough the importance of equalities being at the forefront of what we do. I listen in horror to UKIP - making statements about people with disabilities and allegations that claim disabled foetus (Down's Syndrome) should be compulsorily aborted.

I will, if elected to the NEC, carry forward my principles and fight injustice wherever it arises.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Message from Dwayne Coggins, Equalities Officer, Islington UNISON

Jane Doolan has always actively supported all Self Organised Groups.
She has set up meetings, recommended that all our Groups have budgets to function and equalities are at the forefront of our Branches work.
To this end, Jane Doolan will be an asset to the Union as a whole and I would not only urge members in my branch to vote for her but also members throughout the country.


Dwayne Coggins

Islington UNISON Equalities Officer

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Monday, 23 March 2015

Homecare Letter to councillors

Published: 6 March, 2015
• ISLINGTON Council signed up to the Ethical Care Charter in December 2013. This charter was set up to defend and promote homecare services and homecarers. Islington was the first to sign it and in doing so promised to ensure its agents paid the London living wage and travel time. 
Travel time for in-house carers is still an issue, with little time being given between visits to clients. Islington’s treatment of its complex needs in-house service falls short of the principles of the charter. As part of a recent reorganisation, homecarers are being forced to undertake split shifts.
Management is claiming that homecarers have downtime over lunchtime; our members say differently. It is our belief that our members are getting contradictory information from management. This is causing undue stress and concern. 
A group of homecare workers met this week with their trade unions, Unison and GMB. Not all were present as some were at work – those present made up 460 years’ worth of experience and service to this council. Their commitment and dedication seems to mean nothing to management. This is disgraceful. 
We also have concerns about the amount of clients being transferred to London Care. We have asked management about this but our members are telling us something very different. We have been told that clients are being forced to London Care without consultation with the individual clients or their families’ consent or views.  
If this is the case, it is outrageous and negates the charter. 
Councillors, be assured: we will take you to task and not let this go. You need to ask questions about this service. You also need to listen to your staff and not just your managers. You need to listen to the trade unions. Your managers need to deal with us transparently in the spirit of the charter and the staff manifesto.
Branch secretary, Islington Unison
Branch secretary, Islington GMB